Welcome to airlinerperformance.net, a website dedicated to providing aircraft performance files for PFPX, which is quite simply the best flight planning software available to flight simulator enthusiasts. We’re aiming to provide files for the best X-Plane and FSX/P3D airliners for your simming pleasure. Please ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of PFPX, some of these files may not work with earlier versions. Do check back regularly for new aircraft types and updates.


*** INSTALLATION *** If you are new to adding aircraft to PFPX please visit the Installation Page. 99.9% of the problems I read in online forums involving adding these files would not happen if people bothered to RTFM.

It goes without saying, but these files have been cobbled together and provided solely for use in conjunction with home entertainment flight simulation. They should not be used for any other purpose, and most definitely not for anything even remotely connected to the real aircraft. That would be about as stupid as thinking playing Counter-Strike or PUBG qualifies you for entry into the SAS or Navy Seals !

*** UPDATE ***

You’ll notice there are changes afoot. To see more please visit out forum at https://airlinerperformance.freeforums.net/



Do you enjoy flying non-EFIS, non-RNAV classic jets in X-Plane 11? Want to expand your experience? For the last 2 years we’ve been working to develop instruments and panels to effectively turn your FlyJSim 737-200 or 727 into a flat-screen trainer.Using Siminnovation’s Air Manager 3.7 (or later) you can build your cockpit in blocks. Use a second monitor or a networked computer. Start with the Captain’s instrument panel and then add the centre MIP or overhead panel. More details coming soon…..